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Suffering from epilepsy since childhood, filmmaker Yasmin C. Rams tries to find a new alternative treatment for her disease - against her family's wishes. Trying out everything, from Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical marijuana to Ayahuasca, she is determined to take her fate into her own hands. 


Is she just putting herself in the hands of supposed "quacks" who will only make things worse?  Or will she ultimately succeed in finding a unique combination of conventional medicine and alternative methods that equally promote recovery and well-being?


In her search, she meets people from all over the world who tell her their stories about how they found new ways to treat and deal with their chronic illnesses.

German Film Assessment Board

An inspiring film about alternative ideas and personal paths in life.

In the documentary by Yasmin C. Rams, the director, as a filmmaker and as a person affected, investigates the extent to which alternative healing methods are suitable for pursuing a path away from conventional medicine. Due to the very personal story and many exciting protagonists, the film opens up a broad perspective on a complex topic.

The film opens with Yasmin C. Rams own story. Because Rams has suffered from epilepsy since childhood. She takes a lot of medication. Medicines that fight the symptoms, but also her well-being. Her father also recently fell ill with Parkinson's. He is also dependent on the medicine and feels increasingly worse and weaker. With this very personal approach, the director builds a bridge to the audience right from the start, which she takes along on a cinematic journey that is both well-founded research and a curious self-experiment. A self-experiment that deals with failures and setbacks in the healing process and shows them honestly and unembellished in the film, because the alternative healing methods that Rams shows in connection with success stories from exciting charismatic protagonists are not universal ways and recipes. They are individual stories and experience reports that can encourage and inspire. However, they always leave the freedom to seek one's own way, removed from any dogma. Rams shows the relationship between herself and her father quite openly, but never in a voyeuristic way. GO HEAL YOURSELF tells the stories of strong people who do not define themselves through a disease like Parkinson‘s, multiple sclerosis or cancer - but rather through the inner strength that they develop from within themselves. And with which they make this film shine.


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