In “Go Heal Yourself”, director Yasmin C. Rams goes on a quest to search for a cure for her debilitating bouts of Epilepsy via alternative medicine. On her way, she encounters people from all around the world who have successfully found healing in alternative treatments for devastating diseases such as Parkinson’s, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and others, as well as people, who are also still trying to cure themselves. “Go Heal Yourself” paints intimate portraits of these people and their very personal, extraordinary healing journeys.

The protagonists encourage Yasmin and give her tips for her recovery. However, the stories of some, who have tried to heal themselves for many years without the desired success, make her unsure about her direction.

Yasmin’s family completely rejects her decision to do this self-experiment and constantly tries to convince her to take her medication again. Especially Yasmin’s father, who himself suffers from Parkinson’s, rejects all alternative medicine as “quackery”.

Conversations with scientists and healers open up new perspectives on Epilepsy and her father’s Parkinson’s. But when she suffers another dangerous seizure, she has to ask herself whether her father might be right after all.